Carmax Auto Dealership

A new Carmax Auto Dealership

Pleasant Hill Day Care

A general day care for up to 72 children in 2 of the existing 3 buildings at an existing church use.

Hilton Homewood Suites

115 room long-term stay hotel (2-4 stories)

425 Roberta Avenue Minor Subdivision

Two Lot Minor Subdivision

Cambria Hotel Development

155 Room 4 Story Hotel

PHRPD Accessory Structure

A new 2,196 square foot utility building

Choice in Aging Redevelopment

A preliminary submittal for the redevelopment of the existing Choice in Aging Facility

Denova Homes Residential Subdivision

Development of 18 new single family homes and provision of site improvements. Rezone 7.06 acres, of the 9.86 acre site, to Planned Unit Development.

Christ the King Church Building Addition and Site Modifications

Christ the King Parish Building Remodel and Addition

Verizon Wireless Telecommunications Facility

A new roof-mounted wireless telecommunications facility

Fountainhead Montessori Day Care

A general day care facility for up to 72 children

Reliez Terraces Residential Subdivision

An application for a 17 lot single-family residential subdivision.

Verizon Small Cell Wireless Telecommunications Facility

Installation of a small cell wireless telecommunications facility on an existing wooden utility pole in the public right-of-way.

Hilton Homewood Suites Hotel Project Signage

Wall and Monument Signage

Tri Pointe Homes - Revised Residential Elevations (100 Mayhew Way)

Architectural modifications to recently-approved single family homes.

A Small World Infant & Toddler Center Addition and Remodel

499 square foot addition and exterior improvements to an existing day care facility.

Friedmans Appliance Signage

Sign permit application for two new signs including one freestanding monument sign and one wall-mounted sign.

Blake-Griggs Multi-Family Residential

A new 220-unit residential (apartment) complex with underground parking

Tri-Active Endurance Use Permit

A request for a conditional use permit to locate a Tri-Active Endurance facility in the Light Industrial Zoning District.

Community Emergency Response Team Minor Exception

Request of a Minor Exception to allow CERT to place a permanent storage container on a parcel zoned PPD-751.

Oak Park/Monticello Site Program Area

Oak Park/Monticello Site Program Area

61 Chilpancingo Parkway - New Building

New 1,700 sf commercial building

John Muir Health Facility

A new medical office use in a RB Retail Business zoning district

401 Taylor Boulevard (Residential)

General Plan Amendment from Office to Multi-Family Residential - Low Density

Diablo Valley Plaza Remodel II

Replace existing large retail area with new retail area and provide associated site improvements.

Pacific Rim Volleyball Facility

A request for a conditional use permit to located a Pacific Rim Volleyball facility in the Light Industrial Zoning District.

Diablo Fitness Facility

A request for a conditional use permit for a Diablo Fitness Facility in the Light Industrial Zoning District.

Benjamin Moore Signage

Sign permit for a new wall sign on the western building elevation and new sign face panels in an existing, double-sided monument sign.

Gregory Village Exterior Color Change

The proposed request is to consider an Architectural Review Permit for exterior building color changes to an existing retail shopping center at 1601-1699 Contra Costa Boulevard.